Rooster Run is a new adventure in hunting.  Founded in 2004, the fall
deer season was our first of many successful seasons.

We've hosted several hunters and most were successful in harvesting a
large buck and a doe.  Even those who didn't have a kill said they couldn't
wait until next year to return and that this was some of the most promising
ground they had ever seen!

We know that you will enjoy your hunting experience with us and hope
you will keep us in mind when making your hunting plans!



Located on over 5 thousand acres of beautiful rolling Kentucky hills, our property is sitting in the middle of a reclaimed strip mine.  This type of land is being found to produce abundant wildlife due to the covering of all reclaimed land with grasses that deer and turkey enjoy year round.  We also have several food plots, made by our employees, which supplement the natural grasses and are sown with trophy antlered bucks and healthy turkeys in mind.  All of which is scattered through the acreage are 10 lakes, open fields, dense woods, and swamps.



You Will Love Our
Home Cooked Meals

"One of the best hunting experiences I've ever had!  I'll definitely be back!"

Andrew from California

"Not sure which I liked more, the great hunting or the great home cooking!"

Christian from Texas

"Rooster Run is my new "go to" hunting destination in

Western Kentucky."

Matt from Alabama

Our Address

301 State Route 670 W

Providence, KY 42450


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Lisa  270-635-3711

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